About us

North latitude 66 degrees Culture Exchange is an education consulting company founded in Beijing in 2012, aiming to promote the in-depth exchange and integration of Chinese education with the world. Our business includes summer school, overseas study, internship, teacher training programs to maximize assistance to students and schools who wish to go overseas for further studies and exchanges.

Many of our members have a Nordic education background. We not only appreciate the social system and welfare of Nordic, but also pay attention to the equality, collaboration and creativity of Nordic education represented by Finland. In order to understand the educational concepts and models of Nordic countries, we have organized and carried out a large number of theme summer schools together with our partners in the past few years and received thousands of Chinese students. Meanwhile, we also arranged for many Chinese teachers to go to Nordic to participate in exchanges and training.On the basis of the summer school, we also arranged many Chinese students to study in Europe after graduating from high school.

With the diversification of student needs, we are constantly launching new programs and services, from more study abroad destinations to pre-university courses and overseas internship programs. We hope to become a bridge for the achievement of international talents, and we also hope that through our programs, Chinese students can be more deeply integrated into the world, and the world can learn more about the younger generation of China.

COVID-19 has seriously damaged the world economy and international exchanges, and our programs and businesses have also been greatly affected. For this reason, it forces us to focus more on online programs and study abroad programs. We welcome partners from all over the world to share your excellent plans and ideas with us. We are also willing to use our experience, resources and channels to explore the Chinese market with you.