Our Vision

In the 21st century, k12 education concept is to maximize the enthusiasm of students to learn and explore their creativity.

As a practitioner of phenomenal education, we work with many universities,educational institutions and local governments to research, develop and promotephenomenal based learning and teaching.

Our vision in China is to integratephenomenal education into the classroom practice of China

Learning starts from a phenomenon

Phenomenon-based learning breaks boundaries between subjects, changes the role of teachers. And teaching no longer focuses on content alone – emphasis is also placed on students’ individual learning skills. Meanwhile, personal interest in the thing to be learnt enhances motivation for learning. The course designed by PBL is unique and even revolutionary in the world. We will help you to understand and learn the essence of phenomenal education through multiple forms, such as principal forum, school visit, teacher training, student exchange, etc.


Why do the children in the Nordic countries love going to school?

Learn about the unique Nordic school tradition where Phenomenal based learning is build on working with social competence and academic skills

Practical and experimental teaching methods make school life more interesting

Future scientists – experience STEM phenomenon teaching in Nordic.

Any teaching theory always comes from teaching practice. In order to understand phenomenal teaching deeply, classroom practice is the most important part. The house of science is a curriculum experience program specially designed for Chinese teachers and students by Scan Education Link. Students can experience a “one week Nordic STEM course” in the house of Science. Famous teachers from famous Nordic universities and schools will open the “veil” of phenomenon education for you.